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Registering as a sole trader

There are many websites and organisations that claim to register sole trader businesses. They will claim that they can add you to their directory or ‘official register’ and will probably expect some form of payment.

Let us put this simply – DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

If you intend to operate as a sole trader you only need to inform one organisation. You must inform UK tax authority HM Revenue and Customs. Their website is They do not charge you any money to register as a sole trader. You are legally required to tell HMRC within three months of starting trading that you are in business as a sole trader.

You can obviously spend some of your hard earned money on other registers, but the general opinion is that they are not worth the money. Some of these registration companies may claim that they offer some protection for your business name, but it may be argued that the protection is very limited.

If protecting your business name is important to you then you may want to consider registering the name as a trade mark. Whilst this is not cheap it would be money better spent than adding your name to a register that has no official status.

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