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Business Communication - Advice on email, business telephones and call answering services

Once you have started trading, you should think about communication with the different stakeholders in your business, for example;

1. How do customers get in touch with you?
2. How do you place orders and talk to suppliers when there is a problem?
3. How would you seek advice from your accountant or solicitor?
4. What happens when customers call and you cannot answer the phone?

It is likely that you will answer the above with either ‘telephone’ or ‘email’, which is fine, but do you really want to be using your personal email address, or the landline in your lounge at home?

As a business, you should look to develop a more professional image by acquiring a telephone line for your business, which can be listed as and answered in the name of your business; similarly, you should have an email address that appears to be professional.

In this section, we look at the different ways of communicating by telephone and how to best go about setting up and using email.

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